Visual Splice by Gerry Morita, Brian Webb Dance Company, 2013
Visual Splice by Gerry Morita, Brian Webb Dance Company, 2013
 Visual Splice 
Gerry Morita, Artistic Director and Performer
Shawn Pinchbeck, Audio
Patrick Arès-Pilon, Film Projections/Scenography

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Brian Webb Dance Company

Duplex - Fluid Festival, October 19 + 20, 2012
Duplex – Fluid Festival, October 19 + 20, 2012
Gerry Morita, Artistic Director and Performer
Lin Snelling, Performer
Shawn Pinchbeck, Composer
Patrick Ares-Pilon, ProjectionistDuplex is an ongoing investigation of spaces, and the people who exist, coexist, or who have previously existed within them. By dancing the space as if it were a duplex where walls barely separate existence, emotion, longing, remembering, and motion, how much do we consciously or subconsciously affect each other? How much does our space determine what we do and how we feel?
 Electro Meets Acoustic 
Live performance with Shawn Pinchbeck (Laptop) and Marion Garver (Contrabass Flute) at the Harcourt House Gallery in Edmonton during the BEAMS Electro Meets Acoustic evening of performances.
Chasm - April 27 + 28, 2012
Chasm – April 27 + 28, 2012
Chasm was the Masters thesis concert for Gerry Morita with electroacoustic music by Shawn Pinchbeck, music improvisations by Ian Crutchley, film projections by Patrick Arès-Pilon and dance by Gerry Morita.

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 Premonition (12:15)- November 18, 2011 
Acousmatic Fixed Media and interactive motion capture. Video is from the 2011 Sea of Sound Festival, Edmonton, Canada.

Premonition video
 Tu:la – November 5, 2011 
Live performance of live and fixed media electroacoustic music compositions for dance. Music by Shawn Pinchbeck and dance by Gerry Morita.

Tu:la videos



 Cold steel 

 Live in Montreal (48:29) – October 8, 2011 
Live at Steve Heimbecker’s studio 12BlockRadian on his 64-channel Turbulent Sound Matrix. Shawn Pinchbeck solo. With Steve Heimbecker and Jan Desrosiers.

Listen to Live in Montreal
 Live at Kodu Baar (35:27) – September 16, 2011 
Live improvised electroacoustic music performance at Kodu Baar, Tallinn, Estonia for the Ptarmigan Media Centre.

Listen to Live at Kodu Baar
Streaming with Mile Zero Dance, June - July 2011
Streaming with Mile Zero Dance, June – July 2011
Collaboration with Mile Zero Dance, The Edmonton Works Arts and Design Festival, June/July 2011, Edmonton, Canada.This is a culmination of experiments and performances from both within and outside of the city. The North Saskatchewan River acts as an artery, historical transport route, natural barrier, and constant source of life, fresh water and movement as it travels through Edmonton. MZD will guide groups on a 35-minute tour, beginning at Louise McKinney Park’s Chinese pagoda.(contributors: Gerry Morita, Kat Smy, Shawn Pinchbeck, Michelle Milenkovic, Theresa Dextrase, Alexis Keinlen, Chad Drever, Angela Meyer, Jason Romero)
Remote Controls July 2011
Remote Controls July 2011
 Remote Controls 
MZD has been involved in land-based art that uses the body to inquire into different states of being. Travelling through and around Churchill Square, MZD will explore different steampunk characters.

Listen to Remote Controls
 Latitude 53 patio sound experiment 
This is Shawn Pinchbeck, Gary James Joynes and Scott Smallwood performing an electronic sound experiment on Latitude 53′s rooftop patio Thursday in the late afternoon.Inside, dozens of lanyard-wearing Marshall McLuhan enthusiasts from all over the world enjoyed the gallery’s reaction to the philosopher’s upcoming 100th birthday in Edmonton.There was dancing and conversation as an expected thunderstorm failed to materialize overhead. I say this all the time, but anyone who thinks downtown is dead should actually hang out with all of us here. It’s an open invite.Read about it here.

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