Resonance is the new release by Canadian born performer/ composer Shawn Pinchbeck and American born flute player/ composer Marion Garver. Together they create a powerfully crafted mixture of ambient electronic sounds and flute accompanied melodies and textures.

Pinchbeck and Garver share the song credits through the ten tracks and 65 minutes of music. The resulting hybrid of sounds ranges from Pinchbeck's multi-layered synthesizers, samples and tapes spinning sometimes peaceful ambient melodies, sometimes brooding abstract soundscapes; to Garver's three acoustic instrumental pieces exploring differing musical directions rooted in 20th Century classical and jazz styles.

The effect it has is to take the listener on an expansive journey with many destinations, some familiar others more exotic.

Two pieces on this CD, Endangered Spaces and Transformation No. 1, incorporate field recordings made by Pinchbeck at various endangered natural areas throughout Alberta. They are his addition to the growing Acoustic Ecology movement that is exploring our disappearing natural soundscape.

Several pieces from this CD have received prior attention appearing in several concerts at the Edmonton New Music Festival, New Works Calgary,

The Banff Centre and received broadcast nationally in Canada on the CBC program Two New Hours. The Sand, The Sea, The Stars appeared in the hit documentary The Corporation and on Canadian national TV in a commercial promoting wildlife preservation for the environmental organization BearWatch.

Also appearing on this CD are pianist Roger Admiral, oboist Jane Alexander, clarinetist Robert Seymour and guitarist/composer Michael Turner of Titania.

Track Listing:

Spirit and Flesh  
Temporal Reality  
For SWRM  
Open Heart  
The Sand, The Sea, The Stars  
Dave, David, Davidson  
Transformation No.1  
Dziwna Milosc  
Endangered Spaces  

Click on a link to hear ~400k .mp3 files of each track.

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