Fortona (48:26)

Electroacoustic piece composed for the 15th Anniversary Exhibit (April 9 - 23, 2010) at the Ortona Gallery located in the Ortona Armoury Building, Edmonton, Canada. This is where my studio is located and where much of my work in the last decade has originated. All the sounds from this piece were recorded in and around the Ortona Armoury. They consist of daily sounds of happenings around the building over several years.

Knowledge Box (59:31) - May 22, 2010

Live electroacoustic music and dance performance with interactive video, narrowband radio transmission, computer vision, and multichannel sound. Music by Shawn Pinchbeck and dance by Mile Zero Dance. This piece is a rework of the June 2009 piece Public Domain.

Tuurv (10:39) - August 8, 2010

Electroacoustic music piece for a concert presented by the Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society in Edmonton, Canada.

Futuramorgana (47:06) -Audio - Video - September 1, 2010

Live multimedia concert with music composed and performed by Shawn Pinchbeck, music performance by Oopera String Quartet, and video by Piibe Piirma and Jane Suviste. Full Concert Video (47:06) - not currently available

Tuurv - September 18, 2010

Tuurv is a dance performance with Mile Zero Dance in Edmonton, Canada. This performance took place as part of the Alberta Arts Days celebrations at the Jubilee Auditorium. The music is loosely based on my EA piece Tuurv and seemed like a good name for a dance piece in a pinch.

Part 1 (17:27)

Part 2 (6:43)

Vapsik (27:52)- October 16, 2010

Vapsik was a live electroacoustic music and dance performance with Mile Zero Dance in Edmonton, Canada. This performance took place outdoors in a passage as part of the Store Front Cinema Festival. The dance and music were improvised based on rehearsed sections.

Bodies in O - November 20, 2010

These works make up a performance by Shawn Pinchbeck and Mile Zero Dance at the Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. The performance was part of the Refinery Party at the gallery with some 800 people in attendance. The works were inspired by the current photography exhibit by Edward Burtynsky entitled "Oil". The video documentation is forthcoming. I have included rehearsal videos here where available.

Spine (16:20) - Audio - This music was played back on Cassette Walkmans distributed to the audience. A dancer performed in a small space under a large stairwell in the lobby of the Art Gallery of Alberta. There was video projection of abstract images on top of her.

Limbs (16:02) - Audio - Video - This piece was composed using material from numerous live improvisations featuring Shawn Pinchbeck (laptop) and Hello Upan (Violin).

Organs (6:19) - Audio - The dancers slowly fall down a long stairwell into the lobby of the Art Gallery of Alberta. When they reach the bottompiece this music accompanies a duet.

Optic Nerve (20:16) - Audio - EA only - Video - This piece features an electroacoustic music score by Shawn Pinchbeck which fades into singer Michelle Milenkovic singing Hentry Purcell's "Dido and Aeneas - Thy Hand, Belinda...When I Am Laid in Earth..."



Public Domain - video - June 27, 2009

Live electroacoustic music dance performance with Mile Zero Dance and Shawn Pinchbeck. Performed at the FEATS Dance Festival, Edmonton, Canada.

The Bather - video - November - December 2009

This installation was made in collaboration with Susanna Hood (video), Chris Driedzic (video, sound) and Shawn Pinchbeck (programming, sound, video). It was exhibited at the My Dear Paranoia Exhibit, MARTU, Vaal Galerii, November – December 2009, Tallinn, Estonia.



Art's Birthday - audio - January 17, 2008

A live multimedia performance with Shawn Pinchbeck (laptop) and Kelley Bolen (video) as part of the "Art's Birthday" celebrations hosted by the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta. The theme of the evening was "Pop". All audio sources for this composition were inspired by or were from pop music pieces.

Interactive Dance Experiments - video - March 2008

The initial interactive dance experiements with Fine 5 Dance Theatre in Tallinn, Estonia.

Manipulations - video - June 2008

Interactive dance performance by Shawn Pinchbeck and the Fine 5 Dance Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia. Computer vision is used to detect the motion of the dancers which is then turned into electroacoustic music performance in software.

Gong (21:02) - audio - June 2008

Gong is an electroacoustic music piece created using audio from studio outtakes from the Estonian Progrock band Phlox. The recordings were given to me for a kind of extreme remix of instruments sounds from their album sessions. The resulting piece has subsequently been used in their subsequent recording as a sound element in their improvisations. This recording is yet to be released.

BEAMS Concert - audio - June 25, 2008

A live electroacoustic music concert performed by Shawn Pinchbeck (laptop) at The Artery, Edmonton, Canada hosted by the Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society.

Body Lounge - audio - September 10 - 11, 2008

The Body Lounge performance created by Ina Stockem is a dance performance/event where the audience is blindfolded, and using contact dance techniques, explores their bodies in space over the duration of the 3-4 hour event. The first phase has the audience come into the performance space blindfolded. They are guided by trained Body Lounge guides to move safely through the space, touch, make sounds, and explore their surroundings. The second phase has the audience move into a "Chill Out" space where they can drink, eat, and touch other participants. They can take their blindfolds off, leave them on, or act like guides; as they wish. The first space had a 30 minute prerecorded musical score. The Chill Out space had live electroacoustic music performance for up to three hours in duration. The music was performed by Shawn Pinchbeck (laptop) and Hello Upan (violin). It took place at Rüütelkonna Hoone, Plektrum Festival of Visual Sound, September 2008, Tallinn, Estonia.

Sonic Artifacts - audio - video - October 22, 2008

An improvised musical performance with Robert Jürjendal (guitar), Hello Upan (violin) and Shawn Pinchbeck (laptop). This event took place at the Von Krahl Theatre, October 22, 2008, Tallinn, Estonia.

Phases - video - November 6, 2008

Phases is an Interactive Dance Performance in collaboration with the Fine 5 Dance Theatre of Tallinn, Estonia. This piece won the Best Dance Performance of 2008 in Estonia, noted for its integration of sound and dance. The piece has been performed across Estonia and in Poland and has been seen by over 2000 people since its first performance. The piece utilizes computer vision to track the motion of the dancers in the space to trigger sounds mapped to different locations on the stage. The choreography integrates the need for sound performance into the dance performance. This performance took place at the Contemporary Art Gallery of Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia. The first section up to 27 minutes is by Shawn Pinchbeck. The following two sections features the music of Steve Reich.

Behind Closed Windows - video - zipped audio - 2008

This is a short film directed by Maksim Golomidov at the Baltic Film School. The musical score was written by Shawn Pinchbeck (laptop, synthesizer) and Hello Upan (violin) and was created by improvising in the studio to scenes of the film. The piece Longing and Lost was written and performed by Shawn Pinchbeck. Not all the music was used in the film. This collection represents the complete score.

Polyphonic ID Photo - video - video2 - 2008

Polyphonic ID Photo is a computer interactive sound and photo exhibit that takes a photo of the participant, while the photo is being printed, a MIDI Music interpretation of the photo's RGB values is played. The participant takes the photo with the printed RGB histograms and a webaddress to the uploaded photo and melody. This piece is a collaboration between Shawn Pinchbeck (audio and video programming), Reimo Võsa-Tangssoo (construction and concept), Sulo Kallas (interface programming).



Cell - audio - video - Multimedia Performance with live electroacoustic music and video, Media Lab Tallinn, September 2007, Tallinn Estonia.

Transit - video - Interactive video/music performance, Plektrum Festival of Visual Sound, September 2007, Tallinn, Estonia.

Inno Eestiaudio - Interactive video/music performance, with Hello Upan – violin, Innovation Estonia Awards, Estonian Song Grounds, November 2007, Tallinn, Estonia.